An Innovative Consulting Firm Committed to Excellence

BridgeGroup Consultants is a Toronto-based management consulting firm that specializes in providing quality engineering and project management services. Our custom-fit services are tailored to address process engineering, project management and strategy needs to market leaders across Canada. We provide high level services to both private and public sector businesses. Our primary areas of focus include process re-engineering, project management, analysis and providing one-of-a-kind strategic business solutions.

The BridgeGroup Consultants Advantage

Our dynamic team will give your firm the upper hand over the competition. We are a hybrid mix of young and matured professionals. This allows us to leverage both innovative solutions and provide grounded foresight. We are up to date with current trends and technology which allows us to provide you with the most current solutions. Our commitment is to delivering extraordinary, customized value for each client we work with. Our team of experts form a powerful mastermind ready to serve you using the most up to date industry tools including process engineering and project management methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean.

When you work with BridgeGroup Consultants you will get a team who is:

  • Passionate and determined
  • Committed to pursuing ¬†growth & learning
  • Innovative, resourceful & pragmatic
  • Committed to quality & excellence
  • We make data-driven and fact based decisions
  • We are authentic and candid
  • We communicate clearly and with meaning
  • We are respectful, supportive and empathetic